Episode 14

August 22, 2022


Episode #14 - Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Film Review

Episode #14 - Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Film Review
Sweet 'N Spicy Chicks Podcast
Episode #14 - Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Film Review

Aug 22 2022 | 01:23:34


Show Notes

This week walk the early house of Dior Runway with us in haute couture! Join us and listen in as we take a trip to 1957 Paris where war widowed Mrs. Harris follows her life-long dream of visiting Paris, finds adventure at every turn, and falls in love with A DRESS! You don't want to miss the laughs, the fashion, and the feel good story of a true dreamer who follows her heart!

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:13 Hey everyone. This is April and this is Jill and we are the sweet and spicy chicks. Best try. We nailed it. Yeah. Getting better and better. So today we are super excited to be on our, what episode is it? Jill? 14. That's right. Ooh. She passed a test. I know. <laugh> I got it wrong last time. Just FYI. So, yeah, and I wasn't really sure. I'm like, I hope it's 14 cuz I, you could be wrong and I wouldn't even know. Thanks. Cause <laugh> it is going by way too fast. I can't really believe it. I was thinking by, wow. We started this in March. I think our first episode was actually in April, but her like texting me was back in March already. So it's gone by so fast. I know. But at the same time it seems like we've been doing this really together for years. Speaker 1 00:00:58 I know it's been so fun. It's still, it is. It's a crazy rollercoaster ride sometimes with our yeah. Ups and downs of our life and being women <laugh> yeah, you should actually hear what we were talking about right before we hit the record button, which was, I don't even know how we got on the topic. We're gonna take a detour real quick way. Deep detour. We decided that we don't know if we believe the show. I didn't know I was pregnant. Is that how I think? I didn't know I was pregnant. Yes. Cuz I'm like, how can you not know? And she said too, but I have someone I know, did know someone that was, I think two weeks before their due date. And they went in thinking they had indigestion and they found out they were pregnant. And I was like, I would have a heart. Speaker 1 00:01:43 I have a lot of questions. I'm like too. So that might have to be a whole other, you know, I wanna interview these, these people though myself. I like, so wait, can that, can that happen? Can that really happen? That be crazy. Oh my gosh. Yeah. That's just, there's a lot of red flag. There's a lot of red. Anyway, this is what we ponder before we actually have our notes in front of us. So think we, that is why we need to have more girl nights. So we can talk about this cuz we've been actually rec almost recording for two hours, her poor husband's out there watching the kids and we're recording. Yeah, but we're actually talking <laugh> so that shows us, we need a few more girl nights. Oh yeah. Math's for those that know my husband he's living his dream right now. Well I live mine. <laugh> all right. We do tour. Sorry about that. We did. So we're super excited for episode 14 and we decided to do Mrs. Harris goes to Paris. That's right. So, um, she loves fashion. I love fashion. Yeah. So we're like, Hey, this is an awesome one to watch. And so we're SU we're excited to jump in. Are you guys ready? I'm ready. Okay. Let's go. All right. Speaker 1 00:03:08 All right. So I get to take flop today. So in partnership with the house of Duer, Mrs. Harris goes to Paris, tells a story of a widow cleaning lady in 1950s, London who falls madly in love with a, a tour. Did I say it right? No, I didn't think so. You say it <laugh> ho couture. See, I told you <laugh>, that's why she's doing all the characters because I can't speak French. And I did not at all want to hurt the ears of anyone listening in French. So she was trying to be nice and be like, okay, you can take the plot. And I know I was gonna butcher it so sorry. You did great. But I think it's really funny cuz you did say I'm not doing the character today. I'm not. I'm like if you listen to our Korean one, I butchered that. Speaker 1 00:03:50 So I'm very sorry to everybody, but I do my best. I, we love it. I'm definitely not a linguist. <laugh> all right. So jumping back in. So she decides that she must have one of her own after she works starves and gambles to race the funds to pursue her dream. She embarks an adventure to Paris, which will change not only her own outlook, but the very future of the house of your yeah. And I'm so glad that you didn't have that word in there again. Yeah. Cause I think I would've hope couture <laugh> you know what I'm glad about is this week we actually, whoever was on vacation for the last episode <laugh> of Mr. Malcolms list synopsis for IM B D they're back, uh, because this did it justice. So that's why you always like to tape flaw, huh? Yeah. <laugh> I can just go and dust. Speaker 1 00:04:34 It's literally a paste. I M B D and I'm sitting here, like, what is this? What is this character? What is it? <laugh> yeah. I trick you every time. That's right now, you know? All right. Moving into characters. So we have ADA Harris. Um, she is Mrs. Harris. The one that's going to Paris. We also have her friend VI Butterfield, uh, who is a really feisty friend. So I really liked her. Yeah, I did too. We have Archie. I love Archie. For those of you who watch the movie, you're gonna recognize Jacob Isaac's he was or Isaac Jacobs. Oh shoot. I'm gonna have that. You have Jason Isaac's down here. It's oh, it's okay. It's Jason. I dunno. He is. He is part of the Malfoy family from Harry Potter. So you're gonna remember him as house Slitherin and Harry Potter. He looks totally different in this movie. Speaker 1 00:05:21 Um, but he's from Harry Potter. You guys are gonna hate me. I've never watched Harry Potter. I know I do that. I don't think we can be friends anymore. <laugh> cause she loves Harry Potter and I've never watched it. No, we'll just have to have a girl's like total weekend of just binging Harry Potter now to tell about it. Well, not only have you not seen Harry Potter, but you also have never read Jane Austin, which I was like, I'm sorry. I know what I did read pride and prejudice one outta when, when I was in high school. <laugh> no, when I was in high school, I did cuz I love that one so much. Okay. I'll give you others. Yes. No, none of them not. No. Sorry. I'll give that. All right. <laugh> um, mad Zel, Natasha. She is the model within this movie and she is fabulous. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I've never seen her before in anything else, but she's she's gorgeous. Speaker 1 00:06:08 Yeah, I loved it. Um, and then we also had Mr. Andre Al and he is, you take this one. <laugh> he's you had a lot to say he is a hot guy guys. I don't know if you've ever watched Lucas Bravos in Emily. In Paris. Yeah, I haven't. Well I've watched some of it. Yeah. I only watch some of it, but I happen to notice, oh, that is the guy from it. And he's hot. <laugh> did you? I would like, um, the fans out there to comment because I got a lot of comments about what I said. So you're hearing it from this sister that's from this one, but in my defense she's rubbing off on me. Okay. Okay. I was the sweet one. <laugh> he is hot around the, that. All right. Moving on. <laugh> you just can't see it too loud because her boys are telling on her. Speaker 1 00:06:52 <laugh> yes. I won't even go on that road. No. Yes. Um, so Madam Avalon, she is the snooty upper class fashionista of the group. And she's a huge, I would say groupie of Dior. Um, so tread lightly there mm-hmm <affirmative> Madame Colbert. She is the president of operations for house of DeOrr. Uh, miss Penrose is a bratty wannabe, aspiring actress, actress kind of. Yeah. She's very, she's very mature. She's funny though. Yeah, I did think she was funny. Um, and then finally the Marquita shall say, and he is a very eclectic uh Marqui and he's also a groupie of house steel. His late wife in the movie was a huge fan of the house of Dior and war hold Kaur. He's also very wealthy. Yes. So those are all the characters. Did I do them justice. Yay. All right. Yay. <laugh> there's my six years of French right there. Speaker 1 00:07:51 Applauding. Cuz I took zero as you could very well tell <laugh> all we're gonna jump right into things visited. So I don't know if these are really themes visited, but it's just things that I kind of noticed. So we're gonna go with it. Okay. Okay. Work ethic, snobbery, humility, frugality, generosity, kindness of spirits and love that never dies and lives on in our hearts. Yeah. The last one was good. Yeah. I liked it. And then we have the kind of famous question, I guess that we ask, would you watch it with your kids? Yes. Again, I, we always go through this. I feel like they're never gonna be interested. No. I mean, my daughter did start watching it and then she's like, I'm still watching it, but she was playing a game on her phone. So I'm like, how are you really watching it when still playing a game? Speaker 1 00:08:35 I'm actually invested in this movie and can crush. Yes. That's pretty much what it was. <laugh> and then parents. Yeah, sure. Why not? I didn't think there was anything yeah. Really bad in it or anything that I, no, I think from a, like a perspective of, would your kids or parents who are conservative watch this, it was fine. Yeah. But for those of you that we do know that are conservative, that have asked, should we let our kids or our parents? I don't know why you would be allowed to say whether your parents could watch it or not, but your kid <laugh> yes. From a conservative standpoint, you could let them watch it. There wasn't any scene. There was a tiny risque scene depending on your age of your kids maybe, but it was risque for that time period. I wouldn't say it's risque for this time. Speaker 1 00:09:17 Cuz they had more clothes on than people do at the beach. <laugh> yeah. There we go. You had a lot to say about that. We'll get into that in just a minute. Yes. But so, uh, same back to you. Did you answer whether you're gonna watch it with your parents? Yeah, I would. This one would be fine to watch, I believe. Okay. As far as I know, fingers crossed. Yeah. But <laugh> what about your son? Did he watch it? He started watching it and he was helping me with like finding out the fun facts of like how much the money was worth and stuff. And he like, stuff like that. But then he went super awesome. Like a video game when he was over it, like he'll still watch the he's like a Korean drama now. Like die hard as far as any of this, he's like, okay, your olden day stuff. Speaker 1 00:09:55 I'm out. <laugh> although he does watch olden day Korean drama. So he does watch his circle, basical dramas, as long as it's he's not a member of the Korean drama. So that's um, where can you watch it right now? You can watch it on any streaming service and it is 1999 to rent. So it is still considered a theater at home film. Um, but if you wanna watch it on apple, Google movies and TV, um, what am I missing? Voodoo. And then it's still in theaters. It is still in theaters. Yeah. So it's still, still like go watch on the big screen. Yes. We didn't watch it in theaters. We streamed it. Yeah. But it would be a good movie for you to go to the movies. Yes. Girl night. An excuse to get out the house and away from the kids for a little bit. Speaker 1 00:10:37 <laugh> yeah. So favorite character. Did you have one? I did. So my, so this is tough cuz we can't give away spoilers. Yes. Unless you join us for the rest of the podcast episode, which we hope you do. But for the live video cast, we don't give away spoilers. Um, I, Archie is my favorite because I love an underdog story and I feel like Archie in this movie was just so good natured mm-hmm <affirmative> he was friend zoned a lot. I will not tell you whether or not that ends up being good or bad for Archie. But um, I do feel like he was a very kind hearted soul who wanted the best for his friend a so that's why I liked him. Eddie was funny. He had a lot of funny one-liners and there was just a lot of good characters in this one. Speaker 1 00:11:20 I bet too. And good character development over it. I mean, for being like an almost twoish hour movie, I felt like it was much better at developing things yeah. Than they did. And like Mr. Malcolm's list. Oh yeah, for sure. A hundred percent. I would agree with that. I mean, I think still, I would still have to say of course ADA, I think is my favorite and we'll get into that later of the why's but there was a lot of actually really good ones that I liked and how they just developed them and the kind of people that they became yeah. Through the movies. I agree. So like that. I agree. And then do you have a favorite scene without giving anything away? Oh, this is, is so hard. I know. We wanna give you guys more. Yeah, because we got feedback though. Like we only give the very high level and we're talking to the, the YouTube, uh, fan base. Speaker 1 00:12:00 We're doing both live casting right now and we're also recording. So for the podcasters that are listening, we're gonna give you more in just a few minutes. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but for the YouTube family, it's so hard. I would say without giving me spoilers. My favorite scene was the scene where they actually did the house of Dior at ho couture runway. And there was the dresses. Yes. I was like, they were, oh my so beautiful. I was like, wow, I wanna go back to the 1950s. Like that's actually me and my son were talking about he's like, mom, I think I should have been born more in like that era. Yeah. Cause he still has that like class and that gentlemanly thing that a lot of 17 year olds do not have. And he likes to wear suits and all this stuff that no one he does like to wear suits. Speaker 1 00:12:39 Yeah. It's kind of interesting. I've seen him at her house in a full piece suit and I was like, Hey, where are you going? Do you have like a dance? He's like, I'm gonna high school. Yeah. So it's crazy. What's happening? Yeah. I don't know. But we both were born wrong. Well, good for you. Something good for you. <laugh> I feel like you're like that too though. I am like, actually people are like, don't you ever wear? Like t-shirts and jeans? No. And like, I, I don't like, 'em like, I will wear them. I do like jeans, but like t-shirts, I don't know. There's just so many choices in clothes to just wear a t-shirt just feels boring. I do at my house, but like when I go out and about, I love and I don't know, it's like I got that from my grandma. Speaker 1 00:13:13 Yeah. She always loved dressing up. She always had jewelry on always had makeup. Always. I think that's so funny. I'm the exact opposite. <laugh> I will wear a t-shirt and jeans and ale gear all day long. In fact that's part of my staple of my wardrobe. So right. But today I am an address because I do love fashion. So I will say the movies, fashion is completely on point. Like from the first scene through you get the backstory of the house of de the house of your is not as we know it today, but like the story of how it developed into this huge fashion makeup women's industry empire. Yes. I really like that. It's really interesting. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. And yeah, the, the dresses were so beautiful. I'm like, oh my, oh my gosh, me too. I want one, like <laugh> me too. And it also again showed like just how much we have again. Speaker 1 00:14:09 I hate to say it, but almost digressed as a society because honestly I'm like, I'm I hate to say this, cuz it sounds rude. But I'm like, if you look at our fashion and all this stuff we have going on, it is not the same. No at all. And then it's like, I was telling Jill before and she's like, you have to mention it. And I'm like, I don't know, this sounds harsh. But when I watch like the runway stuff nowadays, I'm like, I could go get this stuff at like Goodwill, cut it up and put on my body and look about the same. I'm sorry. <laugh> and that does sound very hard. We're gonna get so much hate this. And not always, there are some very beautiful ones. Maybe I'm just old fashioned probably am. I know I am. And I just love, I don't think so. Speaker 1 00:14:50 I don't know. Just that, that Regal, that elegance, you know? Yeah. That they had. And I feel like we've stray away and like, and everything has to have holes in it. I'm like, again, I can go like wear things for years and put holes in them. <laugh> why am I going to go spend $200 on jeans of holes? That's just me. That's not fashion. That's just wearing the fabric down. That's right with your body. <laugh> um, I would tend to agree because we're gonna get, so I'm not gonna go for it. We're gonna get so much hate for this, but I can't do the like CROs with the suit. And I literally saw someone the other day. Yes. I have nothing against Crocs. Right. They're comfy wear up. They could be beach shoes. They're very versatile. They can be house shoes, whatever you want 'em to be, but you can't wear 'em with a suit. Speaker 1 00:15:37 Okay. This is where online <laugh> grabs them all verse. Yes. Come on. Drag shoes. Don't you want it to match? Like that's another thing, like no that's style. Like when you watch the Disney shows nowadays too, like they have plaid with polka dots with this color, with this color and I'm like, yeah, what's going on here? <laugh> like, I don't know if I'm some perfectionist, but I'm like, I have to have things kind of match or a little bit. Yeah. I'm the same way because I can have like opposite colors. I love TES with pinks or you know, those kind of things, but I can't do all that craziness. I'm just, I don't know, too old fashions. I think the name of the game today is how much fashion confusion can we put on our body and then say, this is whole couture. I'm like, well that's maybe not nice. Not back in the 19 days. Again, we are not fashion experts, so we're gonna get a lot of hair for it, but we are, we can share our opinion. Yeah. And the dresses were nice. You might get hated for it, but we can ship change for sure. I'm gonna get hated for the CROs thing. But <laugh>, we're not saying CROs are bad. Just CROX of suits. <laugh> there you go. Speaker 1 00:16:47 So April I am very excited because we have our first sponsor. Yes, I am so excited too. So I am happy to introduce all of our listeners to newly. It happens to be an all in one audio, super app for iOS and Android, it picks up the most trending articles on the web on topics you choose at any given moment and reads 'em to you in a natural human voice. 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Check it out. And that's newly. Speaker 1 00:18:18 All right. So jumping into spoilers, we've already given you the alert. This is it. If you don't wanna hear spoilers, then you gotta go that's but come back. Yes. Okay. So spoilers, we open up the movie in London, 1957 and we are immediately introduced to miss ADA Harris, Mrs. Harris. Um, and we know the movie tells us that she is a housekeeper who we think lost her husband. It is apparent that he's Mia from world war II. So it's been over, I think what 12 years now, since the end of world war II. So I just think immediately for me, she was such a likable character. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, but what do you think? Yeah, I did too. And I left her accent, although I will say some of their accents were really hard. Yeah. For me to get, I had a game almost like stopping cuz we streamed it as we had a stop and then we had a, okay. Speaker 1 00:19:10 I think I got what they have <laugh> what did they say? Yeah, yeah, no. Yeah. She was really likable. We then meet. So the movie does move pretty quickly. We are gonna be very transparent about that. Yep. It moves from scene to scene pretty quickly. Um, so then we meet, uh, VI Butterfield and we meet Archie who are two of ADA's friends and they're again good natured people. They're very working class in London. VI is also a housekeeper she's aid's best friend. And then Archie is kind of like this male friend zone guy to aid it. But he works as a bookkeeper for the, uh, dog races. Mm-hmm <affirmative> which is he's really like, yeah. I love races. I love horse racing and dog racing. You know this true. I do know that <laugh> yeah. I could have dated Archie back in Monday. <laugh> I was very surprised when I found out that you did like gambling, so <laugh> oh, were you okay? Speaker 1 00:20:01 I was, but you were also surprised everything about yes. I, there was a lot in previous episodes that we learned while we, we know each other pretty well. We still far as we talk. No, <laugh> I'm like what? So I'll let you take the next few scenes or thoughts that you have. Well, I did really love the relationship between um, ADA and her friend. And actually we do see in this scene where they're there at the little kind of club bar type thing, and you see them talking and via is telling her like, okay, it's time to open it up. And so she has this package with her and apparently she's been holding onto it for all this time. Yeah. And I was like, Hmm, what is this? Well, it ends up being from the military that they were sending this to her. So she's had it over 12 years. Speaker 1 00:20:44 Yeah. She's been carrying it and not opening it. And so I was like, wow. I thought that was just crazy. But how much she loved him. And I kind of was pondering it. I know I go kind of deep, but I thought like, why was she carrying it for all that time? Like, wouldn't you be like kind of curious in a way. But I think that she was just feeling like if she opened it, it would make his death more real. I think so, too. And if she didn't, she could clinging to the idea that he was coming back someday. But by time finally tells her like, okay, you need to open it. She finally faces the facts that he's forever gone and is never coming back. Yeah. So you see her like on the bridge kissing his ring and telling him goodbye. Yeah. So that was, you know, it was really sad, but like it's time to move on to, yeah's a time to say goodbye and it's time to move on sometimes and it can be hard. Speaker 1 00:21:26 Yeah. I think that was exactly what it was. Was it was her just saying goodbye. Um, and so later mm-hmm <affirmative> we see that she is going from house to house mm-hmm <affirmative> and each of the houses that she goes to, they're very different characters who live there. So the first house that we see her go to is Mrs. Ms. Penrose's house. Um, and she is a, what would you like a, I called her a brat. Yes. In my notes. That would be very, she's very selfish. Self-absorbed everything's about her <laugh> and nobody else. And <laugh> for Ms. Harris. It's just like, oh, like trying to be so sweet and so kind to her, but I was just like lady <laugh>. Yeah. She's like a 20 year old aspiring actress. Mm-hmm <affirmative> very dramatic. Yes. Spoiled brat. Very. Yeah, that was it. Yep. And then poor. Speaker 1 00:22:18 I mean she just leaves everything, a mess. Poor Mrs. Harris. You see her like Curring around trying to hurry and clean everything up. And then the lady's just coming miss Penrose and just making everything a mess. Yeah. Just for she doesn't care. No she doesn't. So you see that as her personality. So that's one of 'em the next house was lady dance. What did you think of her? Oh my gosh. Is that the one that have in the notes? I didn't even have the name. I just said the snobbish lady <laugh> so I called her. Yes. Is that her? Okay. Mrs. Dance, planning a wedding. And she needs everyone to know that. That's what she's planning. Yeah. I didn't put her name the whole time. All I called her was a SNO woman. So that's what I'm gonna call her because apparently she has all the wealth in the world and yet it's not paying poor Mrs. Speaker 1 00:22:58 Harris because they're tightening their belt. Yeah. Yeah. You got that. Right. I'm like really you're spending all this money on your whoever's wedding and you can't even pay this poor housekeeper who, you know, doesn't have. Right. The one thing that I, I did, um, not like is she was just bragging about all these places she's going and the fabric and like her life, knowing that obviously Mrs. Harris doesn't have that same opportunity at all. And then she can't even pay up. Yeah. It's like, okay, you going out to dinner is probably way more than what you're gonna pay. Right. Mrs. Harris. And then whenever poor, Mrs. Harris would try to get up the strength, you know, to broach the subject. Nope. She would just act like, oh, oh, we're we're tightening our belt. Yeah. And then we go in and we discover that she has hidden away in this room as Mrs. Speaker 1 00:23:46 Harris is cleaning. This SNO woman has this beautiful Chris door, Chris and dear dress. Yes. And it was, it was breathtaking. And so that was the first glimpse that Mrs. Harris gets of the dress and she is in love. Yeah. And she just, wow. And then we find out how much it costs. It's 500 pounds. Yeah. And that's back then in the 1950s. So you wanna break it down. Do you know how much it was in today's economy guys? How much you're jealous. Well, and I have it in my notes right here, cuz my son was so awesome. He was watching this part and he's like, mom, do you want me to do that? And I'm like, yes, go ahead. <laugh> so he says, okay. So in nowaday terms, it is equivalent to 13,400 pounds or in us dollars, 16,300 ish dollars, $16,000 for that dress. Speaker 1 00:24:31 And yet she doesn't have probably five pounds or whatever that she owes to Mrs. Harris. What a cheap steak is what I have in my notes. That cheap skate. Can I just say I do not like her. <laugh> no one can see your face right now, but it's very apparent to me that you do not like her. No, the whole time I was just like going off and my son's like, wow. <laugh> he's like, okay, it's just a movie. And I'm like, oh no, I'm gonna reach them too, because this is not okay. Okay guys, I have been a housekeeper before, if you can't tell <laugh> I, I didn't know. Yeah. I cleaned people's houses. I cleaned motels and people are not always kind no to people that they look down upon because we are like the lower class. Yeah. And it's not so bad in today's society, I would say. Speaker 1 00:25:15 But back then of it, it was a lot more of like you're, you know, classes. Yeah. Yeah. And up here we're rich and you're down here and you're cleaning our house. And so I didn't like that at all. I didn't like how the lady was and at least okay. If you're gonna look down on her. Okay. But at least pay the lady. Yeah. Like she deserves, she's such a hard worker. I know. And, and you know, she doesn't have the money. I know I was super mad about that. She's pinching pennies. She's living on nothing next to nothing. Yeah. You know, she's a winner. Yeah. So more widow I'm like, go at least sell some of your crap. Then lady was, think you wanna know? I really know people he's like super invested in this character about him. All right. So last we meet Mr. Speaker 1 00:25:52 Newcomb. That's the last house that she's cleaning. And he is, I mean, he's actually a, he seems like a lovely person. Right? However, he has a pension for having a revolving door for very, very young, beautiful women that he calls nieces. Yes. Which my says, well, what's wrong with that? I'm like son <laugh>. He is using that as a coverup. Those are that he does not have that many young, beautiful nieces. I'm sorry. Oh, your son was like, I don't see anything wrong with it. Through that innocent view. And I'm like, glad you are 17. I think <laugh>, let's break this down for you. Yeah. Those aren't his nieces. It's a revolving door for his endeavors. I don't know whatever he is doing. But every morning there seems to be a very young woman walking out of his house and, and Bo Mrs. Harris is very conservative. Speaker 1 00:26:40 So she's just like good morning. And he is like, this is my niece. And she's like, okay. Okay. <laugh> and he said, it's not the same one as yesterday. This one's name is Samantha <laugh>. She's like, oh, okay. So do you wanna take us through the next scene after we meet all the three different characters from her cleaning business? Yes. That night, her and invite are together and they're betting on some kind of British lottery. It's kinda like a trivia game is what we decided we, yeah, I couldn't hear the name or figure, I couldn't get the name either. I tried Googling it for a long time too. And I couldn't get it so sorry guys. We tried to do our homework try <laugh> so anyways, she ends up winning and she decides to use that money towards buying a Christian to your dress. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:26 Ever since she saw the dress, that lady dance, she has been her obsession. I don't wanna, I don't know if it's an obsession or just her dream mm-hmm <affirmative> is to own as beautiful address as lady Dan. Yes. Ellens and it's for her. I think it's just about, I don't know. Do you think it's like her? I think it's a feeling it invokes. Okay. Honestly. And just like that elegance and just like not being able to have something like that and it's so out of reach. Yeah. And then being able to call something that beautiful yours and it's also kind of a symbol. I think of something for her as well. Okay. Well you're really good. You had just answered that for me. Cuz in my notes, I was like, I don't know where the obsession came from. The dress is pretty, but she takes it to a whole nother level of wanting it. Speaker 1 00:28:11 But that, that makes a lot of sense. And have you ever had something like that where you just see something? You just wanted everything. Exactly. <laugh> there you go. You answered your own question. <laugh> I'm a, I'm learning not to be a materialistic person, but pretty much everything that I see right now. If you ask my husband, I'm like, I want that. Yeah. I'm not showing Neil Christian your address right now. Cause it would be way more expensive. Yeah. Okay. So she wins money at this mm-hmm <affirmative> British, uh, trivia game that she's playing back in 1957. We couldn't find the name to it. Sorry. And then she decides to take that money and places it on a bet at the dog races with RJ. Yes. But they also show before that, which was also crazy. So she's already working hard. Yeah. She picks up more clients cuz she doesn't have enough money yet from the winnings. Speaker 1 00:29:00 So she has to do all this other stuff. So she picks up more clients for more clients, for cleaning. She's working her fingers to the bone and all this stuff all for this dress. And then she ends up also finding a ring that we'll bring back and talk about later. But yes. So then by her friend invites her to this dog race mm-hmm <affirmative> and then as Jill says, she puts it a hundred quid down on and that's a long in that time as well. That is a lot. Do you want, I actually broke down how much it was. Yes. Cause Peyton told me the idea ish, but not like exact. So it was roughly in today's money, us dollars, $2,700. Mm-hmm <affirmative> in a bet. Yeah. Placed on this dog named T couture. Yes. And the reason she does do it is because it's named Holt couture, which is French for expensive clothing. Speaker 1 00:29:50 So thank you for being so on the nose, France mm-hmm <affirmative> but that's exactly what it means. Um, and she thought it was a sign from her Eddie, her lost husband that she bet on it. And so she did mm-hmm <affirmative> but it doesn't end up turning out how she thought no, and I felt so sad. Like I was so sure she was gonna win. I was like, yes. And then the poor dog, like it gets like halfway through and it just stops and kind of loses its that dog was just ridiculous. Like, so I could relate because ask my husband, I have bet on some horses and dogs. I have bet on some horses and dogs that I was like, this is it. Yeah. I know what's gonna happen. They totally lose. And I literally have to go home because now was it the lowest ranking one that you bet on or? Speaker 1 00:30:34 Um, no, I'm not. I was gonna say that was even crazier cuz it was number six <laugh> so I was like, I could see, it was like number two, that's a sign. But I was like, oh, well maybe like, you know, you do see those movies where oh yay. Like, like this isn't a sea biscuit maybe. Yeah. That's what I thinking. It's just like a hope C dog. <laugh> hope door dog didn't make it. But what I also thought was funny is when she went to go in and place her bet with RJ. Yeah. He said, don't do that. This dog couldn't do it. If you put a fire or, and it's, you know, oh Speaker 2 00:31:02 Gosh, I didn't even hear that. His accent is so hard for me. I didn't even get that. I know he said you couldn't Speaker 1 00:31:08 Win. If you put a firecracker and it's, you know what? Oh my goodness. That's funny. Um, you could have been a little bit more, more delicate. Delicate. Yeah. No, but he was so kind, he was trying to talk her out of it. She didn't listen. So actually was so sweet at the end too, where he goes in and she's sad over losing all that money and he tries cheering her up and saying you're just a dreamer and that's okay. And like kind of talks to her about his dreams. Yeah. And where he's come from. And so, you know, and just tries to help her to not give up because you can tell she's devastated cuz that's a lot of money. Can you know, many, imagine how many houses she has to clean. Right. She doesn't. I mean, that's a lot of money for me today. Speaker 1 00:31:46 Yes it is. So imagine for her, I would be devastated too. I would be trying to get it back somehow. Yeah. Uh, but never fear because the next day she gets a knock at the door. It's the Royal, um, air force. So the RAF a representative comes to the door. She lets him in and he starts telling her that her husband was actually killed, um, in action near Warsaw, Poland in a plane that went down and they owe her a widows pension for the last few years. Yeah. Which is gonna be a huge lump sum. But that seems so hilarious. I was laughing cuz she gives it to him first, so oh yeah. She Speaker 2 00:32:26 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:32:27 She misunderstands and thinks that cuz there is a little amount that he has to kind of pay back or something. Right. That she does because he did pass away at a certain time or whatever, they healed six weeks. Yes. Because from the time he was declared dead to the time he was missing, he did owe six weeks back. And so that's what the guy started with. So she's like, are you telling me <laugh> that I owe you money because he died. And so she's getting out her little 10 with her money. She just lost all this other money. Yeah. And the poor guy is like, oh I'm not trying to tell you that. I'm trying to tell you, we actually owe you money. Well, she took his tea from him too. She poured him a tea and then she thought misunderstood. And she's like, you're not gonna drink the tea. Speaker 1 00:33:09 I was like, okay. The tea is too. So now she has a quite NAA, uh, I guess lump sum from her widows inheritance from her husband mm-hmm <affirmative> and she decides this is it I'm gonna go to Paris. Well then another thing happened too, right at the same time. Oh yeah. It was her lucky day. It was because then a policeman shows up on the door and remember that ring that I told you that she found and was like, she found it in the rain and she could have just kept it or pawn. It was huge sold it. Yeah. And we don't know, I didn't know what she did with it. I guess I was either writing notes or whatever, but she ended up turning it in to the police. Yeah. Yeah. And so the person that it, the, the owner of the ring actually wanted to pay her a reward. Speaker 1 00:33:51 Yes. Or bringing that back. And I'm not sure. I don't didn't write down how much, but that, I just thought that was really cool. And it's so nice that those people did that. Cuz there's been times I've like turned stuff in and you don't get in anything. <laugh> no like that's nice. Thanks for being a good citizen. Right. Also I, I know you're gonna appreciate this. That ring was huge. That diamond was huge way bigger than the Bridger 10 engagement ring. Just definitely <laugh> and that family was not as rich. I just want that. Not that's so true for the record. True. <laugh> yeah. So there was all sorts of stuff going on. And then at the same time, Archie comes out to the door as well and he's like, oh, what's going on? And he's like trying to leave because he's he's the military that believes. Speaker 1 00:34:29 And he is like, oh no. And he's a betting man. So I don't know if he thought he was gonna get in trouble or what was all going on. But she's like, wait, well he ended up being sweet. He and I, I don't think he was supposed to do this, but he took some of the money. He didn't place all the bet for her. Right. And then he was able to put some of that money down on a sure thing that he knew mm-hmm <affirmative> and he was able to get her back her money plus a little. Yeah. And I was like, oh, what a good friend? I need Archie in my life. Yes. Especially when I go to bed. Yeah. <laugh> Archie. You are, when you go to bed, <laugh> is a different, that is a different podcast. Not when I go to bed, when I go to bet, bet I need Archie in my life. Speaker 1 00:35:11 <laugh> yes, because you would be very hopeful. I'm moving off on you way too much. All right. Moving on. All right. So moving on, I was laughing so hard guys. I had tears like running down my day <laugh> we gotta move on. So she at last has the 582 quid or pounds and sets off to Paris and get this. She has a day and a half to get there, get the dress and get back. Yeah. Cause she has to get back to clean everybody's houses. Yeah. So there was a really funny part in there. Did you wanna go over that? Oh my gosh. I, on the plane, she hears over the Intercom. She's scared to fly clearly. Yeah. And she's like hanging on for dear life to this guy that wants nothing to do with her. He seems very annoyed and starts smoking a cigarette and he's like, get off of me cuz she's clutching for dear life. Speaker 1 00:36:00 Cuz she's afraid. Yeah. But also, I don't know if you caught the part where it comes over the Intercom and they say we have a slight delay because one of the engines is out. Yeah. And I have my notes. Um, what, what? Yes. I think I'll be getting off the plate. Yeah. They're like, oh it's just a slight delay. We land real quick and then we'll go back up. I, I want, I have questions. Is that in the same plane? Right? Or are we gonna transfer to a plane that has all the engines working? Yes. Cause that's my preference. Yes. And that's scary. Cuz that actually happened to me on my last plane ride. The engine was out. Well, they said there was like technical difficulties and that they had fixed them and everything. Cuz we were delayed and then they had us get on. Speaker 1 00:36:39 We were taxiing out and they're like, Nope, folks, the plane is overheated. Oh. Or something? The gas is overheated. I'm like what? We're in Arizona. The gas is always overheated. Like what's going on? So they make us go back, sit in the plane, then get off the plane. And we it's a little plane. And so an Legent plane. So you can't even like have the nice air you walk through. No, you have to walk through the heat of Arizona to get back to the airport. Then we just sit there and the one time I didn't take snacks, I'm like, oh we'll be good. We'll eat. And then we'll eat when we get there. We were supposed to get in at like seven 30 our time we didn't get until like one our time. Is this when you went to, to yeah. North Dakota. Yeah. Okay. And I felt so bad. Speaker 1 00:37:18 I had like family. I remember you text. And I'm like always, I'm kind of terrified of planes anyway. Just a little bit. Like I, I love them and they're amazing. But if there's any kind of like turbulence mm-hmm <affirmative> I get a little freaked out. I just think they need to lie to me. Like don't say any of this don't tell me the engines are not working. Yeah. Don't tell me there's no oxygen in the plane. Don't tell me that. Technical. All I need you to say is folks we're gonna have a little delay. Maybe the captain's a little hungover right now. Something we don't have enough flight. It just make up something that doesn't involve anything with the aircraft failing at any point. Right? Make up something, something. If you hear me out there, United Delta allegiance, Southwest and American, you need to lie to the passengers to make them feel better. Speaker 1 00:38:01 Yes. But don't lie and say that the gas is over here. No, don't say that because really I didn't buy it. <laugh> no, just make up something a little bit, you know like friendly that we feel like it could be a delay. Yes. We could feel like a be we have a fully flat tire in the wheel. Yeah. Okay. Okay. <laugh> right. I gotta move on. So that was so hilarious. And I'm like, yes, that is definitely like me like gripping that person's shoulders for man. Because I know. And then you see also then she fell asleep on his shoulder as well and the guy's not amused. <laugh> no he's done. That was so fun. So she ends up in Paris. Mm-hmm super cool. Mm-hmm she gets to the train. Is it the train station? It's a train station. I think it was a train station. Speaker 1 00:38:42 I couldn't tell if it was like a bus or train station. There's a bunch of drunk people. Yes. And then you see also like the whole of Paris. Isn't what she thought. They're like the streets are littered with trash. Yeah. All this rubbish. And it ends up, they find out that there's actually a strike going on with the whole rubbish. Um, the king of rubbishes uh, team is on strike. Yes. Workers on strike. Yep. So there's all this crazy stuff, dude. It's not the beautiful Paris that you would imagine at all. No, it's disgusting. And stinky and full of trash. Yes. And she has a long walk. So she finally gets there and she meets these funny friends. Yeah. Kind of. I don't know. Are they bums or are they just hanging out? Uh, they're definitely transients, but I think they choose to be, yeah. Speaker 1 00:39:22 Like this is just how they live, but they were really kind, yeah. They were like offering her bread and their wine. And so she ends up staying the night there. Then one of them ends up and she tells 'em like, I'm going to Christian Jr. Tomorrow. And so he ends up taking her there. Yeah. Walks. He walks there and then what happens? Oh, it's so funny. So the house of Dior's like this to give you a picture, this corner house, that's two, it's two stories. Mm-hmm, <affirmative>, it's really white. It's like marble, it's very classical in nature. You can tell it's a beautiful, um, establishment. So it's just really what you would imagine. Paris, uh, house of Dior to be circa 1950s. So she gets that there's a line almost like a groupy mob line. And so we don't think there's gonna be a way that she gets in. Speaker 1 00:40:09 Um, but a flu happens and Natasha, the young model that we're gonna meet actually trips and falls on the carpet. There's a red carpet leading to this white marble palace of fashion <laugh> and um, forgets her purse. And so Mrs. Harris being the kind person that she is runs up, um, Natasha gets up, runs away without knowing that she dropped her purse. And so Mrs. Harris is right behind her, picks up the purse is running up these stair, the pal stairs. Yes. Cuz they're just like, it's like a Coliseum in there. Yeah. And so she's running, chasing after to give her a purse. She does. And then she's in the house of DeOrr just like that. Yeah. She wanders into what's going to be a DeOrr runway shell. And she ends up meeting Madam Colbert. Yes. Which is the opera director of operations for house of Dr. Speaker 1 00:40:57 And guess what I have in my notes, what do you have? Another very snappish lady. <laugh> didn't even, you do not like the upper class. So I just don't like snobbish people. It's like, there are some that can be kind and can have money. You can have class, but they're classy in that class. I don't like look down on people, but there is some that are definitely like, well I'm better than you. Cause I was born into this. No, I guess I'm just too American. I don't know. No, I <laugh> <laugh> no, I think I agree. I think we do find out, we'll get to this later that meam Colbert is dealing with a lot more that isn't, uh, revealed until the very end. So I think that develops her character a little bit better. Definitely. Yeah, definitely. And we get to know her, but right now in this moment, two dimensional person meet is rude. Speaker 1 00:41:43 Yeah. And just Rudo as Harris and just like brushing her off. We barely even speak to her. Well, she doesn't want her in the house door. No, she's like, she's not there go to a fr shop. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because she's she says I'm looking for a frock in her. Very cocky London accent. Yes. And um, Madam Colbert can pick up on that very quickly. She sees that she's not in these glamorous clothes, so she's obviously not a member of the upper class society in France. And so she essentially tries to kick her out. But uh, Mrs. Harris not to be out done starts throwing a fit actually. Yeah. She's raising cane in there. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but I didn't think she did it in like a horrible way. I think it was just more like, these are my rights and like this isn't how I'd be treated in London. Speaker 1 00:42:24 Yeah. And so I felt like I actually was proud of her cuz I'm like, I probably wouldn't have done that. I would've like okay. And walked away. And so she throws this fit and she gets the attention of a gentleman. Yeah. Who happens to be the marque? Did she say, thank you. The marque did. She'll say I'm like she had to fill my mouth. Cause I could six years of French in high school. In college <laugh> and though, so he says it is an honor to have her view the collection with her as his guest. Yeah. And walks her in. So that was, she's a very mysterious man. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I liked him though. I did too. And he seemed sweet and he wasn't like, he seemed intrigued by her. He wasn't like he was looking down at her, but kind of intrigued. Yeah. So my favorite part is the dresses. Speaker 1 00:43:05 Yes. Oh it was amazing. So is this Dior runway show and it was the dresses hand beaded customized to the body fit. Just gorgeous. Breathtaking. Yes. I was like, wow. Like we said earlier, I was so want one of those. Oh, but so beautiful. $13,000 for no, but sometimes like address. I mean, I know like beauty comes from the inside, but certain things can like, they help bring out that beauty kind of, and they make you feel beautiful. Like I was in that dress. I would feel beautiful. <laugh> oh yeah. You know you'd be, oh yeah, you're beautiful. Anyway. But you'd be like, thank you. But you would be turned towards your, it would just make you feel it's like that Cinderella moment. Yeah. And I really like that and it was just so beautiful and breathtaking. And then we meet snobbish lady number three. Speaker 1 00:43:51 <laugh> my dumb I belong. Yes. And she is just, she's throwing a fit from the beginning cuz she didn't wanna be seated even next to Mrs. Harris. And we see that and then she's being really rude and she's overhearing all of the dresses cuz you have this little paper that you can write down what dress you like, which one you like. Yep. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so the marquee was talking to Mrs. Harris and telling her the number. So she was writing down the numbers, the lady was overhearing and she was writing down the exact numbers. Yeah. Yeah. And I, she was just doing it to be such a brat. Yeah. I have another word, but yeah, we're not gonna say it starts with the B, but we're not saying it <laugh> she was just using it to be yeah. She has all the money in the world. Speaker 1 00:44:33 She can buy any dress here is for Mrs. Harris that has worked her fingers with the bone. This is her dream. Yeah. That she wants to finally be able to hold in her hands and to this lady, it's just like another thing to rub in her face. Yeah, exactly. So she writes down number 73, which is Venus and she writes down number 89, which is temptation and they were beautiful. They were really so Venus. I think we should fill 'em in Venus. Is this Emerald green Aline cut ball. Ground ball, ground ball gown. Make new wears up. Yeah, I do that every time. So, and it's got this hand Beed, very sparkly, silver glitter, uh, on the front mm-hmm <affirmative> with a floral pattern. Yes. So gorgeous. Very like boosty aid. Um, low Bodi, definitely. Bodis fitting low cut Aline gown. So really pretty. She likes that one. Speaker 1 00:45:25 The second one is temptation, which is this hot. Yes. Again, Bodis low cut, fit red and black. So the red is a satin red, very like almost sheer mm-hmm <affirmative> but still thick enough not to be transparent. And then there's this black beaded, crystal embroidery all over the dress. It was so beautiful. I know. And you just really did a good job of describing oh thanks. And then they had that other little area too that like came on and came off a shoulders dinner jacket. Yes. So cute. I love that too. So when she's ready for dance and she could get a little bit more risque. Yeah. It's a little, the coat comes up. So she picked both of those mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and Madam ma alone also picked the temptation, which was the one that she knew that Mrs. Harris wanted just to be spiteful. Speaker 1 00:46:13 Yeah. So Mrs. Harris, she has to end up going for the second best, which ends up being the green one. Yeah. And it's still beautiful, but it's just not like she wanted the other one, but she ends up like, what can she do? The other lady has more money and she has more pull with them, which is crazy. Cuz her husband is the king of the trash can I know. So I was thinking the rubbish king. I'm like, okay. The rubbish king, which is like essentially the waste management king. Yeah. Which I know our waste management has a lot of money in there, but not the king of trash, but they weren't even hiding the fact cuz a daughter was gonna like, oh he's the king. I'm the rubbish. I'm like, I think I would be like making up some other. Yeah. Like is your dad royalty? Speaker 1 00:46:50 No, he's the king of the trash can. I was like, what is this Oscar, the grouch <laugh> you know, the, the metal trash cans in front of your, he owns those. Yeah. That's his property. <laugh> <laugh> oh, like, wow. Wow. Just kidding. If anyone owns part of the waste management and that is great too. I just feel like I had a problem with not where they got their money, but how they acted toward other people. Exactly. Yeah. Is what I had a problem with. Because again, I think anyone that works hard. Wow. Kudos to you. That is so great. Yeah. And I have been in those lower kind of look down upon jobs and I have worked my butt off. Yeah. To get, get where I am good to your servers. Always. Yes. Yeah. I've been a waitress. I've been all these things. And so I always try to be kind and do that, but I don't like to get Hotty. Speaker 1 00:47:38 Like if I ever were rich, I don't know if that ever happened. But if I ever were, I would wanna give money, not just be so snooty with it. And that's how they were, was like rubbing it in their face. Yeah. And that's what I didn't like. So I was a bartender one time. I'll never do that job again. <laugh> yeah. There's a few jobs that I'm like, Lord, please don't make me go back. <laugh> me too. It's just some of those, uh, they bring out almost the worst of society. They, the worst of society try being a bartender. Yeah. At one o'clock in the morning trying to cut people off. I do not even wanna think about that. <laugh> all right. We're moving on in this story. So, um, now Madam Avalon has picked the same dress because she has more clout with her husband being the king of the trash can. Speaker 1 00:48:21 They're going to, I can't get over that. They're going to give the temptation dress number 89 to Madame Avalon because of who she is in Paris. And so she settles Mrs. Harris settles for the green Venus dress number 73, which is still beautiful. I still really liked it. Um, Mr. Fave comes up. He is who you say is a very handsome looking. He is a homely face. Isn't that? What they say? A com commonly face only face. Anyway. He's cute. He's hot. He's hot. Yeah. That's in 20 22 30. <laugh> that's <laugh> for those of you who wanna know where you can find more of him, you can find him in Emily. In Paris. Yes. He's in, he's in two Parises <laugh> so can't get, and the accent too is very nice. See, I can't with that. You didn't like the accent. I just can't understand it that well. Speaker 1 00:49:10 Yeah, but it just feels like that era of mystery or something. No, it does. I took six years of French, but I still can't <laugh> I still can't bar through some of it. No. All right. But yes, he's a very good looking man. And in this movie he plays, um, almost the, is he kind of the, an accountant? I think basically right for it looks like, yeah. It looks like he is like the shopper bookkeeper. Yeah. But he has these visionary ideas of where Dior's gonna go, which spoil alert they end up going there because Dior, as we know it today is a huge right. Um, industry leader in makeup, fashion. Yeah. Underwear. It'd be interesting to go research that and see like where the idea came from. If this is I'm sure it's not accurate, but that'd be cool. It was. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you have the ideas that our Dr. Speaker 1 00:49:54 Today, anyway, we meet him. He's very good looking. Yes. Um, we do see Natasha again. Mm-hmm <affirmative> the model that tripped she's on the runway. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and she's in some of, um, the beautiful gowns that they have. Yes. And then we also see in this whole little hub up here, the say her name please. The president kind of, of the company. Oh, um, Madam Colbert. Colbert. Okay. I just wanna say it wrong. So she's there Colt. And so then we come to realize poor Mrs. Harris. So she thinks she can just take the dress and go, right. Cause her time is, oh, she's she's ready to pay for 73 Venus. Yep. She's like, let's get going. And they're like, well, wait, we have to fit you. You have to have your own dress made customized dress. And she's like, what? <laugh> how long is that gonna take? Speaker 1 00:50:39 And so she's like, I'm I have to go. I can't stay. And so it was so sweet to see them all working together, not a, a course medical bear. You're like, bye. Yeah. Like she's ready to just kick her out. But the others Natasha. And then Mr. Fe foil. Thank you. Mm-hmm <affirmative> cuz I say his name wrong. Um, they were all working together. And was there someone else as well there as well? Yes. There was a redheaded girl there as well. That was kind of, she worked in Margarite. Okay. Margarite you. So she was there as well. They were all being really kind, trying to come up with a solution. And so, um, Natasha's like, well maybe Mrs. Harrison, you know, call of your people and maybe you have someone that you can have her help you out there. And then she's like, well, I don't have anywhere to stay. Speaker 1 00:51:17 Even if I could have someone help me to cover all my cleaning jobs. And so then MREL Pavel, he steps in and he's like, well, my sister's out of town and there's a place that you could stay. Yeah. So TA she ends up being able to stay and um, mad. Colbert's not really happy. She's like, oh thanks. Yeah. The one thing to get, you know, she was so ready to take her money before and money. We don't. Yeah. That's kind of what they were saying. Its like money tax, you know she's about to pay this right. Very expensive dress. I think they said it was what over four, uh, 400,000 Franks at the time or 4,000. Ooh I'd have to go back. Yeah. But it was very, very expensive. Yeah. And so beautiful. So she's gonna go stay with Mr. Fel. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and they, so Natasha picks her up the young model right after she is getting her first fitting. Speaker 1 00:52:10 So they don't come in small, medium at large, for those of us that shop at target or any like gap. It's not like that. So they have to custom fit the dress for you for your waist, your boss, your hips, all that, to make it custom fit for just you. And so she, um, Natasha, the young model pulls up in this red like convertible. Yeah. I was like, that's really nice and offers to give her a ride to Mr. Favell's house. They get there. It's trashed. Mm-hmm <affirmative> he kind of lives like a bachelor. So yeah. I don't know. Right. She's she's a housekeeper. So, so they immediately get to work cleaning and cooking and then they all sit down. Mr. Pavel comes home and they all sit down and have dinner together. And that's where we learned that Natasha or Mr. Favell has a crush on Natasha. Speaker 1 00:52:51 Yes. I could tell before though. Cause like, oh you did. When they were standing there, I'm like, why is this guy being so nice? I mean, maybe he could just be a nice person and help Mrs. Harris. But I felt like he had an ulterior motive cuz I saw him throughout the whole thing, looking at Natasha. Oh, okay. And so I kind of put two and two together and I actually had in my that he was kind of trying to get in the good graces of Natasha. I think that makes sense. And giving, getting brownie points by saying, oh my sister has his place cuz I'm like, you don't know this lady. And I mean, is it really the money for the dress? No, it was for the brownie points for Natasha. That makes sense. I miss that. But that totally attracts with, and so then you can definitely see they have that conversation. Speaker 1 00:53:29 Yeah. And everything going on. And that was really cute. And then I thought it was funny. They both didn't really seem to love her food that she went. No, it was like this to, in the pie toads in the home. Yeah. Something, I don't know. It didn't look like any of the toads in the whole Hawaii. Cuz I make my kids, the little ones with the egg and the toast and that's what we call 'em as toads in the whole. But that did not look like that. I did not look appetizer. Oh really? I think Denny's calls it moons over my ham. Yeah. <laugh> something like that. But he did not, not, no. She made moons over my ham from Denny's they were not loving it. And the Paris folk are not about that. So no <laugh> okay. So next morning she does go for her first fitting mm-hmm <affirmative> and she gets to know the seamstresses mm-hmm <affirmative> and the uh, what do you call the oh, the actual what's the dressmaker's name? Speaker 1 00:54:16 He's like head. Yeah. I don't know. Head of material. I just thought he was kind of flighty and didn't seem like he was real stressed. Yeah. But she gets to know the inner workings of the house of Dior from the seamstress level up. So that was, I thought really interesting. Yeah. She gets to see the structured co here and then she gets to see the unstructured co here. So like coir that was um, fitted, like Bodis tight. And then the co-chair that was like lace very whi didn't fit. So I thought that was really fun in a sneak peak. She actually starts helping we're skipping ahead a little bit. Yeah. But she starts helping some of the seamstresses. Yes. Because she can sew as well. So she almost makes friends with everybody. Yeah she does. Cuz she's just so lovable down to earth, kindhearted and wants to help everyone. Speaker 1 00:55:01 And she also isn't snooty and they love that. She's like them. Yeah. And she's a working woman and he, or she is being able to buy a do dress and they all love that as well. Yes. So it kind of brings them in. So all of that wraps into it and they really like her. Yeah. So then fast forward, next scene. We're seeing her with the marquee. Does she say, does she say yes and he likes her? Like I think what was very apparent for me up front was there was maybe some romantic sparks. Um, but we'll just hold on to that thought. Cause we'll get to something that's a little interesting towards the end. Um, but he takes her on a walk to the flower market because in their earlier interaction in the Dr. Runway, she notices the flower in his K cravat mm-hmm <affirmative> is that the tuxedo mm-hmm <affirmative> thing. Speaker 1 00:55:51 Okay. There we go. You can tell how high gloss I am. <laugh> she notices the flower that's in his either com button or cravat. I don't know. And did she call it like a, was it a button flower or button? It's it's a cravat, but I don't know what they, I mean, it would be a CVA in French cuz that's a French word. Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> guys it's showing how much we have <laugh> moving ahead here. So, um, and she knows the name of the rose and everything. So because her husband worked at Eddie, worked at Covington garden. So that was really fun. Um, he, he, he actually took an interest in her and like I said, I thought it was spark line mm-hmm <affirmative> put a pin in it though. Yeah, we'll get do at the end. Yes. And so they went to the flower market and he who told her about his wife that passed and all of this stuff and she was talking to him and really sweet, just a sweet conversation. Speaker 1 00:56:39 And I liked, she did have this little thing where she said like, you know, hearts are MedEd. Hearts can mend, but we don't forget. Yeah. We were talking about their loved ones cuz they still both love, you know, the ones that they love. Yeah. And so then he ends up taking her out to a fancy dinner at a somewhat que club. And you also see she's in different clothes. So if you didn't know and hadn't paid attention before she is borrowing all these clothes from Mr. Favell's Favell's sister, sister. Yes. And so she does have these nicer clothes cuz she only came with, you know, probably one or two her Flor pin stuff. Exactly. Yeah. Not the best <laugh> she's like a school teacher. No offense. Right. I look like a school teacher sometimes too. I am a school teacher almost Speaker 2 00:57:22 I'm joking, but you know, forgot. And you are school teacher and not all educational people Speaker 1 00:57:31 Look like that. And sorry, that was a huge FOPO for me. I just put my for grade in my mind. I'm joking. So no, but they have certain style, this dress as she wears and it was not, Speaker 2 00:57:42 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:57:44 Not good. Speaker 2 00:57:45 And now it feels like blushing guys. It has Speaker 1 00:57:47 Nothing to do with a school teacher whatsoever. I'm so sorry. Well librarian I have glasses too. I could be a sexy librarian. Is Speaker 2 00:57:55 That better? <laugh> no it's Speaker 1 00:58:02 I love it. Keep it. Let's keep going. Let's go. What else do you get? Well, I dunno. I said that was not me. Some guy said one time that I I'm like glasses make you look like a sexy librarian. Like okay. <laugh> I didn't even get that. I don't, but whatever we're we're going way off. She has all these beautiful clothes. So she's able to play the part kind of while she's there and get a taste of like the, the kind of fun life. And so she vibes a little bit too much of the bubbly champagne headache every time. Yes. And she's like, oh, I'll just have a little, little bit more. And she ends up just drinking a whole glass <laugh> she gets what I call shammed. Yeah. She's pretty shammed and the next day she wakes up super hungover. Wait and misses her next fitting appointments. Speaker 1 00:58:48 Yes. And you do not do that at the house of di or else you done. Yeah. And so what happens is she gets there, um, she ends up going through traffic, but it's a train wreck because the workers are on strike and they're holding up all they're blocking all of the exits. And so, um, she's running, she's sweaty. She gets in there. She's late for her fitting and the head. I don't know what he is. Dress maker. I don't know. He's the head seamstress probably Seamster I don't know. <laugh> anyway, he refuses to continue to make her dress. But long story short, we're not gonna go into all of the details. He ends up relenting because she wins him over mm-hmm <affirmative> and he agrees to continue to make the dress. Yes. Now, um, Madam. Oh my gosh. I'm blanking. Nope. Madam Colbert. Mm-hmm <affirmative> is um, still really confused as to what Mrs. Speaker 1 00:59:38 Harris is gonna do with the dress. So she pulls her aside into her office and really is condescending to her. Like very rude. Even though your money talks. Yes. I'm gonna take your money and we're gonna make you this dress, but it's never gonna be seen anywhere. You're not going anywhere special. You're nobody. Yeah. And she calls her pretty much invisible. Yeah. And it says a lot of other rude things. I'm like really lady. Yeah. She's got like, where do you get off? I don't know. So I know that was just, and then I thought it was hilarious though. Then when Natasha comes in with the flowers that are from the Mar is in the Marqui I yeah, the Marqui DEI song. No, the Marqui Desha. Okay. I'm just gonna call the Marquis. I know guys, I can't do the whole name. There you go. Speaker 1 01:00:19 And so has these beautiful flowers and there's an invitation and she's like, you know, the other lady's like, what? Like how did this happen? You know? And I thought you were a nobody. Yeah. And then Mrs. Harris, I love how she applied. And she's like, well, I am a nobody. Right. <laugh> oh, I know. I wrote in my notes, I love the play on words that she uses back to Madam there. I love that too. I'm like, that's what I'm talking about. <laugh> I did too. Okay. So next we're we're running to the end here. Her dress is getting, um, closer to being finished and she takes a walk with Mr. FIFA and realize they run into Natasha that night mm-hmm <affirmative> and you know, Mr. Favell ends up admitting that he has he's in love with Natasha mm-hmm <affirmative> like he wants to be with her. Speaker 1 01:01:11 Right. But it's a fairytale. Mm-hmm <affirmative> the house of Georges, a fairytale. Mrs. Harris is living her dream, but it's a fairytale and he's in love with Natasha. But what he is basically saying is like, you are losing reality because you're living in this fairytale land and not everybody's dreams come true. And Mrs. Harris is saying actually they can and they do. You just kind of have to believe. So I really liked that. I did too. I thought that was super sweet. And she also said like, if we all need dreams now more than ever. Yeah. I agree. And so like keep fighting, you know? And also we do find out this is a time also when we find out that he isn't it, that he has the idea yes. For the, to modernize, to bring deer into the modern world. Yeah. Cuz he basically tells her like it's a fairy tale, it's all crumbling. Speaker 1 01:01:57 And she's like, it can't and he's like, well I do have an idea, but in order for that to happen, like opinions would have to change. Right. Mindsets would have to change and you know how I'd mad get in from her mm-hmm <affirmative> Madame Colbern and Kristen Dior himself. Right. And she's like, well you can do it. Like, you know, you can push through. Yeah. And you can make it happen. And so I like that. How she not only is championing her dreams, but also other people's. Yes. I really like that. So the next day, I, I think we're um, doing justice to the timeline here, but the next day the Marquita Shai, um, sends a, like a telegram saying, Hey, I want to meet for a date. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So after the dinner, right, then he wants to bring her back to his home. Speaker 1 01:02:42 Mm-hmm <affirmative> for a spot of tea. So he's trying to show her that they can still implement her English, customs mm-hmm <affirmative>, which they love their tea in the middle of the day, even in Paris. Um, what's really sad about this. I don't know. Maybe you can say whether you found it sad or not. In the beginning, we said sparks were flying. I thought sparks were flying. I thought he was romantically interested. He ends up showing her a photo album that day. Yes. Of his English, um, maid mm-hmm <affirmative> at a boarding school that he had in English six when he was six, who comforted him? Cuz he said he was kind of a wimp. Yep. Um, and then he says, this is who you remind me of that's who I were connected. And she was devastated. She's like really that's humiliated. Yes. And she thought too, because they actually, there was a little spot I liked when her and Mr. Speaker 1 01:03:30 Fel were talking and he was talking about like everything at me, Moonlight and movies and yeah. Then, you know, she's like, well, why can't it? You know? And then he says basically that she has to actually live that in her life and to, to figure that out. And that it's more her that wants love than maybe even him than anyone. Yeah. Anyone. And so he tells her like, you have to, to kind of look at your own heart. So that night you actually see her looking at her heart and be like, oh, well maybe I was led here by my lost love. Right. I lost husband to find love. And so she's opening herself up to that possibility again after all these years. Yes. And then to have this crushing thing. Well, he doesn't see me is this beautiful woman that I thought he sees me as a mate. Speaker 1 01:04:08 Yeah. As Mrs. Mops, his old English maid. Yeah. And so he down how that was her. Cause I think he was trying to be kind and like how she dried my tears and she brought light and love and positivity, but all she heard is like a maid and I, and you remind me of my old English maid. Yeah. So sad. And I thought you were liking me as a beautiful woman. Yeah. That was definitely a surprise for me too. Yes. Because I was like, Ooh that's so could you imagine? No, I just, I felt so sad go for her and she tries to hold it together and she does his best. She can, but you can tell she's definitely hurt. Yeah. Because their time short <laugh> as I would, we are at the next day mm-hmm <affirmative> so she leaves, like you said, cuts her time short we're at the next day. Speaker 1 01:04:51 Mm-hmm <affirmative> she is getting her final fitting for her dress or she thinks she is. Yep. But surprise, all of the workers have been laid off the seamstresses, the dress makers, whatever his title is, they've been laid off. Um, and Natasha has also been laid off the models were laid off. Well, Mrs. Harris is not happy about this mm-hmm <affirmative> so what she says is she goes marches right into MidAm col bear's office and says, well, I'm going to see Christian Dier himself. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and Madam col bear's like, oh my God, please. Don't <laugh> I'm in big trouble. If this happens, nobody bothers him in the middle of the day. Um, but she doesn't care. So Mrs. Harris is storming with her little tiny frame. Mm-hmm <affirmative> she barges into Christian DI's office and asks for a few minutes of his time, because surprise, she wants Mr. Speaker 1 01:05:39 Fel to go in and tell Christian Dior his ideas. Yeah. And he was like, what <laugh> I put on this spot? Like, uh, how I supposed to do this? And she's like, just do it, like just give him five minutes man up. Yeah, man up, you can do this. And I mean, Christian Dior is very interested. Yes. And they're gonna do those. They're gonna modernize Dior. They are. So they're gonna have an actual line for the modern woman. Yes. And also like a cheaper line too. And then do the things, right? Like is it makeup? Yeah. Uh, perfume, jewelry, undergarments, all this stuff. So yeah. All of it, all of it that we know today. Yes. And that's so that's awesome that we're, that's where it came from. And then it also is going to be where they don't have to lay off people. They actually will have more jobs. Speaker 1 01:06:23 Yes. That's so awesome that I know by, you know, her pushing him to be brave, he was able to save the house, all their jobs and all their jobs and, and all through Mrs. Harris. So that was really cool. I liked that part a lot. So Mrs. Harris, but the, the only drawback is Natasha doesn't wanna come back. So she doesn't want her job. And Mr. Pavel and Mrs. Harris find out that Natasha is leaving Paris. Yes. And also we do wanna say another person that didn't like the whole thing going on was also Mrs. Cober. Yes. As well. Yes. And we see a quick scene, uh, that I thought was really eyeopening. Oh yes. And where that's, where her character's really developed. Yes. A three dimensional. I really like that met Colbert. Um, Mrs. Harris ends up going and having Mr. Feal take her to the house. Speaker 1 01:07:11 It ended up, uh, Mrs. Colbert's, Madam Kohler's house ended up being very different than when we thought yes, we thought she'd be in this ritzy place. She's in kind of a rundown apartment. Yes. And they go in and they talk to her and ends up that she has been a caregiver for her husband. Yes. Since the war, he got injured, got injured. And so she either has to pay for the caregiver or she has to be the caregiver. Yes. And then on top of the very stressful job that she has. And so that really opened my eyes like, wow, that's why she is the way she is. Agree. And I really like that. And I like that Mrs. Harris, she didn't just leave her and be like, well, she's a snobbish lady by, she actually made a point to go and win her back and tell her that the company needed her and that, you know, behind pretty much every good man. Speaker 1 01:07:56 There's an intelligent woman making. Yes. What's woman behind every great man is a great woman. I'm gonna have to find it. Yes. It was from first wife's club. I gotta go find it. <laugh> that's the soundtrack for this. Yes. So he basically tells her that. And then I just really love that. It again shows you can't judge a book by the it's cover. Yeah. Because I really didn't like that lady at the beginning of the movie as you know <laugh> and so I was like, oh, like again, that shows us that we maybe should all be a little more kind me included. Okay. And in <laugh> life, not just in podcasting and fake movies, but how sometimes we see people maybe on their worst day, maybe they make that choice to honk at us in traffic, in Arizona. And it's not the greatest or whatever. Speaker 1 01:08:38 That's very specific, a little, yes. Or maybe they're a little slow at, you know, doing whatever, getting through the checkout line, but we don't know what they're going through or maybe they're being really rude. And so just giving them that kindness. Yeah. And that kind of stepping back and like, maybe they're just going through a lot, like we all do sometimes. Yeah. So I like that they did that. And it also just showed again, like another facet to Mrs. Harris's character, cuz she didn't just throw her to the curb. She went and convinced her go back. And so the company isn't the same without that. Yes. I agree. I liked that. Look at you. Great lesson. <laugh> don't judge a book bikes cup. That's right. And behind every great man's a great woman. Yes. And don't judge. I do wanna say real fast that I'm not judging anybody that has holes in their pants. Speaker 1 01:09:19 Oh, here we go. <laugh> we went on a quick break and I had told Jill I'm very afraid that I might offend people that have holes in their pants. And so now people, I am not sitting there judging you. I personally don't wanna spend money for holy jeans, but you go right ahead and I'm gonna love you anyway. Yes. I don't wanna spend money on holes in your shoes, AKA CROs. So I'm not doing that either, but we're not judging of you not judging at all. And also CROs, if you'd like to sponsor this podcast, <laugh> Nope. Too late. Yep. Too late for that one. So then as Ms. Joe was saying, we do have where they find out that Natasha was leaving from Madame Colbert. And so they end up going and finding her at the train station. Yes. With the drunk transients. Yes. Speaker 1 01:10:04 Yet again, <laugh> there they're they they're still there. <laugh> and Andre, Mr. Mr. Frill foll. I'm just gonna come Andre so much easier. He ends up going on and on and talking and talking. And finally Mrs. Harris is like Andre forgots sake. Just kiss her. That's where I was. Yeah. Dude, my son was watching too. And he was even like, yeah, I was thinking like just shut up and kiss her <laugh> yes. That was hilarious. He's like, well I just wanna let you know that I love you and you're blah, blah, blah. I care about you. I'm like bro, we've been here for eight, 15 minutes. It's time for the kids. <laugh> yes. Here we go. And so they're in love. Woo. Yay. So that was a happy little ending for them. And then Mrs. Paris ends up getting her dress the next day and heads back to London at last. Speaker 1 01:10:52 Then she's not there long when the dramatic girl, the brat <laugh> that she cleans for. Mrs. Mrs. Comes saying, she's so glad she's back and shows her her ruin dress. Yes. That has like a stain or something, which she was probably not taking care of it. No, she's she's very irresponsible. And so got drunk, get spelled. And Mrs. Harris was trying to like help her, but she's like, well this has a huge stain. We can't get it out. We'll ruin it. She goes, where's your other dress? It's at the cleaners. And so Mrs. Harris being the kindhearted beautiful soul that she is decides also she doesn't wanna just hide the dress away. Cuz that was one of the things Matt col Barrett said like, oh, you're just gonna hide it away. And it's gonna be invisible too. Yeah. And so she's like, you know what I'm gonna share. Speaker 1 01:11:33 And that way the dress will be seen and I'll be able to help miss pens have a lovely night cuz miss Penrose was worried about not being seen. Cuz she's like, you know, is it really that big a deal? And she's like, yeah, I wanna be seen. Right. And so then it made, uh, Mrs. Harris sing about the dress as well. And now maybe it's nice for people to see it. So she decided to borrow it to her to go to it's a premier mm-hmm <affirmative> with a producer that makes Hollywood start. Yes. So she was hoping miss pens to get seen from this and maybe become an actual actress. Yes. And so, um, she goes and F fiasco happens. Oh my gosh. So the next morning I knew this girl was gonna be travel. Saw that I, I didn't well, I mean I knew she was trouble, but I didn't think it would go like this wrong. Speaker 1 01:12:16 Oh, so the, she is at the premier, the gala she's Ming schmooing minging schmooing <laugh> I dunno what it's she's schmooing yes. It's schmoozing. I don't know. We said's dork. We don't even know. I dunno what they say. They rub elbow. She's rubbing elbows with the upper crest elites in the film industry. And she is in front of the fireplace putting on her lipstick. Yeah. And she catches the dress on fire quickly. One of the producers, uh, tosses, a bucket of ice on the dress saving her and the press is right there. Kind of like the early stage Papa he's there eating it up. She gets filmed. She's in the newspaper. There's her pictures taken? Yes. She's distressed like, oh my life is saved. Yes. Um, and then the next morning Mrs. Harris goes to clean her house and this girl, miss pen's leaves the dress burnt to a crisp with a note that says I'm okay. Speaker 1 01:13:16 Don't worry. Yeah. In mind I'm like, I don't care if you're okay. <laugh> I don't care if your legs were third degree burn. Yes. Okay. <laugh> I felt like crying for Mrs. Harris. Me too. Like seeing again, it was like, this was a symbolization of her dream to her. Yeah. She hadn't even got to wear it yet. She decided to let this variety girl wear it first and then she was gonna wear it later, but she doesn't even get to so it's like that, you know, you're so close you like it's almost in your fingertips for yes. And then she can't and it's just so devastating. And then I think she gave her like a tiny bit of money. Like here you go. Like, this was the thousands of dollars. Like, you know, she gave her these pounds, this Trump change. Yes. Just like, sorry. Speaker 1 01:13:56 I'm on my way to my mom's but I did get seen. Yeah. And I'm fine. Don't worry. Oh my gosh. Like she had no care in the world and I was just like, oh my goodness. So she takes the dress and throws it into the, the tames. Yeah. She just throws it over London bridge into the TAs. It's so sad. It was. And it was, again, it was like that last goodbye to her dreams. It was, I just felt like that was such an kind of an epic scene. Really? Yeah, because she had tried so hard. She'd worked so hard and here she is. Her dreams came to not, yeah, all this she's done the state. So the coolest part, of course, as we're heading to the end and we're getting to the happily ever after kind of, um, she goes back to her home. Speaker 1 01:14:39 She's very depressed. Her friends have, think, think that something's wrong. So Archie comes with bye and breaks in, he hammers the front of her door and breaks the glass to get in and um, asks, you know, are you okay? Like, you know, they saw the newspaper, they saw Ms. Penrose's in the burnt scorch dress. Yeah. And so they're really worried about her and they really do care about her now fast forward to, I believe it's the next day is when she gets the package. There's a delivery man at her door with two large packages or one large package. I'm trying to remember one. They had the, the big box. Oh two cuz the flowers and then they had the flowers. So she has two packages. It's literally in our notes. I don't know why. I just didn't look there. We're like mm-hmm, <affirmative>, we're just steaming right along. Speaker 1 01:15:29 We're steaming. Right. We're just talking and we forgot our notes completely. Anyway, there's two packages. She receives flowers and a note from the house of Dior that Mrs. Avalon and her husband, the king of the trash can ended up running into financial problems. <laugh> yes. I just love hashtag king of the trash can. Yes. Um, they ran in financial problems. He's in trouble in his business and they couldn't afford the dress. Well, cuz he was stealing money from yes. He was stealing money from the dress. I was so sad. <laugh> yeah. So then their assets are frozen and so she cannot get the dress that she basically stole from under the, the tempt temptations. Yeah. She can't pay for it. So they quickly remember Mrs. Harris's, um, measurements. Mm-hmm <affirmative> they sew the dress and customize it to Mrs. Harris's body and send it to her in a note. Speaker 1 01:16:20 And every one of them mm-hmm <affirmative> it's like a little monologue from each one of the characters that she's impacted in Paris. I love that was so great. So Natasha, Mr. Frivol um, Madam called bear Marre and I can't remember the Marquida Chae mm-hmm <affirmative> they all wrote in these notes and gave her flowers in the dress and basically told her this is yours. Thank you for everything. Yeah. Love. And so I love that she is scheduled to go to a Legion, uh, dance Legionnaire's dance, which are kind of like the post military balls. And so the Legion club and so she gets there vs. There Archie's there. She's wearing the dress. And then do you wanna take us through the end? It is so good. So it's like, she walks in as this like Regal queen. Oh I know the dress is just breathtaking. Speaker 1 01:17:06 She has her hair done beautifully. There's just a glow about her. I just, she the music. Oh my God. Shoe the lights. Yes. And then there's Archie. Yes. And that was so sweet. I thought he was so sweet in that. Don't you just love that part where he's like talking about how she's beautiful and she thinks it's because of the dress. Yes. And he's like, it's not the dress like yeah. The frock is fine. The fr is beautiful, but it's you you've always been beautiful. Yes. And you always will be beautiful and there's just a spark, an extra spark about you, just an extra beauty. It like she had finally realized like something had come back to life in her mm-hmm <affirmative> cause I think really, for a long time after her husband died, she was just mourning him. Yeah. And she just wasn't her true self. Speaker 1 01:17:50 And then through all of this and the just, I think in igniting of her dream again. Yeah. Of having something to kind of live for a possibility again, I loved it and I did tears. So I really loved that. And I loved in this. So then they end up dancing the night away. I was crying at this point. I don't know if you were, but I had tears. I just loved it. It was like happy tears. Yes. I loved. And bye. I gotta, you gotta love. Bye. She's so confident. Yeah she is. And then she's like, there's hope for soul <laugh> as a bus driver. I think it was comes in yes. Or a day. She's like they see me come in. Here I go. Yes. I'm like, oh go you. And you know another scene. I absolutely loved that. Did happen just a tiny bit before this, like I have to mention real fast cuz I was raging so much. Speaker 1 01:18:32 <laugh> so we had to go back to it. I saw in my notes guys, I have to. So you remember that snobbish lady, this happened before the dance, but we're gonna go back real fast to show, uh, Mrs. Harris had gone to cleaning in and hear the snobbish lady is like in dance. Yes, I remember. Yeah. And she's all, you know, again, just being so rude again and inconsiderate. And so basically Mrs. Harris is like, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to be giving you my notice and you will need to pay me. Oh yeah. For everything. She finally grew a backbone. Yeah. And she said, and a calm voice when she's like, you can't leave me <laugh> then she says, the days are over. When you can treat people like scum and expect loyalty in return. <laugh> that was a great speech girl. If people could see you, you are really invested in this. Speaker 1 01:19:25 I was, I had to go back. I'm like, I love the event, but I also love that because sometimes you do have to like in a nice way, stick up for yourself. I'm not good at that. I'm a very much a people pleaser. So many a time. It's like you are fuming on the inside. Like she was cuz she was deserved that she worked hard for it. And so she just had finally had enough. Yeah. And she was like, no, I'm not doing this. And this was before the dress before any of this had happened. Yeah. But she was able to just be like, no, you're not gonna treat me like that. And it's not okay. Yeah. So I really like that too. So it showed again, like her development as a person, as a character, all of this and just how much she had grown. Speaker 1 01:20:04 Yeah. Cause before she wouldn't really stand up for herself, but she was able to stand up for the people in Paris. So she's like, if I can do that and help them go on strike, I can sit here and defend myself and stand up for myself. So I love that. And then the whole ending with the dancer, it's just like the ice cream, you know, cherry on top of the ice cream. <laugh> I know, kinda feeling such a good ending. It was just such a good, good story. Yeah. Okay. So what are your final thoughts? Oh, so I just, I, I really loved a lot about it. Should we just jump in and say if it was a STD or dead? Yeah. Go for it. I'm interested in what you have, have to say first. Okay. So we haven't revealed this to each other yet. Speaker 1 01:20:38 No. So mine, it was definitely a stud mine too. Okay. So I was a stud we don't have to get our boxing clothes out to me. No, I think there's only been, was there? No, actually the last three's a couple I think on sometimes <laugh> I thought it was a stud tail. Yes. So one of the reasons that it was for me is that it was really more than a movie cuz I felt like it had so much good in it. And I like those, like the other ones we've been watching lately were just kind of like, okay, like it's okay for like Saturday night girls night. It's not anything that makes you think or makes you like, she really inspired me this character of Mrs. Harrison, who I aspire to be because she just, everyone loved her because she brought joy, light, love, positivity, and every space she entered and it was just so inspiring how she refused to give up on her dreams. Speaker 1 01:21:25 Yeah. Each and every time. And I really loved that. And then how she helped others to not give up on theirs and she just treated others with kindness and respect and then she just showed them how and brought out the best of them. Yeah. I really liked that. I agree. I a hundred percent agree. This was a, uh, great movie. I watched it two times and I can both times I didn't, it didn't get old. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I felt like just the character development. Yeah. The story. How like they pieced together the scenes. I know we've had a couple of films that we did in review before this where it just was so jumpy. Yes. I'm like, I don't feel any type of connection. No. Um, but with this I agree. I think it was so much more than a movie. It was such a good, um, not just feel good movie mm-hmm <affirmative> but what do they? Speaker 1 01:22:14 It was, it was, it was inspiring to me. It was very, it was real. Yes. I was gonna say, I felt a very real connection to her. I did too. And like I said, I actually was like, wow, this is really, what do I wanna be when I grow up? Like, this is how I wanna be. And to not, she didn't look down on others and she had that confidence. Yeah. And you know, to be kind too, and to then bring that out on others. That's just such a gift. Yeah. And I think they did a good job. She still stayed true to herself and her nature. But to your point, she also growth. So there was growth from her whole Paris adventure back. And uh, it was a, it wasn't this make believe happy ending mm-hmm <affirmative> it was a very real they're dating now kind of ending. Yes. I like that. I was like a little bow on top <laugh> yes. All right. Well we, we are well over time, so I think we're good. We've already told you this is stud. Yes. And I better say our ADOS. I know we're tired. It's late. It's late. It ended up being late. We had so many takes actually of this. We did. So it's late, but we are so happy that you guys joined us and we will catch you next time. Love you guys. Love you. Bye.

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